Takes fandoms too seriously

May 14 2011
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    twinkleseeds …this is embarrassing,
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    Hermelientje12 (Hermione in dutch + tje and 12 for my age. Even though I was 11 but 12 was more awesome)
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    ajjmo ah bless neopets :’) lol i was 4 and bored and had a nameless charmander = keyboard flail. and it was the...
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    mattfoxx, but what people [non-furs and the like] remember me as, LUCARIO
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    sailorcosma I always made up my own sailor scout when we played in elementary school. This was my aim screename I made...
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    Littlebunny either that or Opey XD they’re from roughly the same time
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    ZettaxxxxStarz. Ughhhhhhh.
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    GeekyGrrl1997 ;______________________; HOW EMBARRASSINGGGGGG ~
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    missprincesspluto oh lawwwwd I was a loser.
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    14050, i think for barbie.com i am pretty sure i was 8 and it was a number assigned to you when you joined i have been...
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    nomorcruelty I was 11 and obsessed with PETA. Yeah.
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    LW25006. The numbers were random, and the LW stood for Lethal Weapon because I fucking loved those movies, even at age...
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    JunkHero lol i don’t even know what was up with my 2nd grade mind then. I still find it pretty catchy tho
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    Celestian and… TayledrasWingsister. (On Quizilla, no less.) Anyone who’s ever read any of Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar...
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    first nickname + then-current street address= zoy122 lol idk my dad came up with it like a decade ago.
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    Silvry with the “real" name of Angel Elone. Yes, people bought this.
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    botan4eva :”B I think that was my first AOL address or like botan4girls or something like that [botan from yuyu hakusho...
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    Rocky the little Devil
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    catluver02804 neopets….
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    brisingrsvitkona or andrienelda or darflinger kinda forget~ ._.
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    Oh God, I can’t remember~ xkellyxemox, kittygurl, kellychaiying, Kelly Leong, emochick, psychochick….. I do not remember...
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    gintuxexe i think. oh God, i was so lame
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    Cedix666, but i only posted as pokegirl originally
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    missneko… pikablu215. Named...internets were still speculating about Pokemon Gold/Silver,...
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    BlueHorse. I had a Breyer Model at the time that was painted to look like Lapis Lazuli.
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    PrincessDeeDee16 i do believe…
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    Hypersonic76 My god. What was I.
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    Elsha .. okaaay, I’m weird again :O
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    Sk8gurl1235. Oh AOL. Haha.
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    My first one was sk8girls8, I don’t know why or how, :)
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    celtic_warrior, but soon changed to celtic_lover As in I loved all things Celtic, but that’s not how others interpreted...
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    Jiglefish I was like 9 I think
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    symo11 LOL I’M SO COOL
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